Michelle and I got married at a very young age, we had been dating on and off since Sophmore year in high school. At 19 we became pregnant, well she became pregnant but in order for that to happen I had to help! We are currently coming up on both of our 40 year birthdays and have know each other more than half of our lives. We just passed our 20 year anniversary. We have 3 children our oldest is coming up on 20 our middle child just finished their freshman year in high school and our youngest is 2! Yep you heard that right she’s 2. We started all over again! Some of you may be shaking your head but it was about 2 years and 6 months ago that our life was about to change for the best it has ever been. Now we are here in our 20 year mark and we are finally starting to date again. Our middle child has been so gracious to start taking the responsibility to watch the youngest so that we can go out and get to know each other all over again. And Ill tell you what. 20 years can pass and your can forget why it is you fell in love with someone. As we have dated recently we have started to really expand our foods and palates. For me its a step out of my comfort zone for her its a chance to try everything she has always wanted to try. So as we date, we eat and as we eat we learn each other and this is what we are about. Life, love, family and food.


A little about her, She is a wife and a stay at home. She has a degree in mechanical engineering but she chooses to stay home with the 2 year old. Carting her and our teenager around Phoenix for all their extra curricular needs. Day in and day out she puts in 110 percent for these kids. I think she does more laps around our house chasing the baby than I ever did in high school training for wrestling. She’s a crafter and incredible cook. She knows what food is supposed to taste like. A little bit of this a little bit of that or too much of that. She loves going out and trying new places and she’s not afraid to try even the strangest things. She pours her heart into everything she does and I am thankful she does it for our family.


A little about me, I own and operate a vape shop in phoenix called This old vape shop. I have been in business for myself right around 4 years. Im also very crafty but on a larger scale I suppose soley because I like to junk and make things out of junk. Although I don’t get enough time to do it when I do I enjoy it very much. I also love to cook and grew up in a family history that involves many local mexican food restaurant. Primarily Lydia’s La Canasta. Thats my mom and thats a whole other story. But I love food I love good customer service and I love decor so they seem to match up with everything we want to do here.